Registrations – Hints and Shortcuts

13 July 2020 | By jansquire | Filed in: Uncategorised.

We are excited you want to register on our National Family History Month website. Please read this page so you can easily complete the registration process the first time. It is a bit different to some other websites, and has strong security to prevent unwanted hackers.

First, if you are NOT a family historian or similar, don’t bother registering. All posts require an administrator to authorise before anything appears on our website, and overseas (non Australian or New Zealand) email addresses are regularly deleted.

Note that you only need to register as a user if you want to create an event, or book for an event run by us, or want to post a comment.

To register, look for the registration link on the right hand side of most pages. The first screen will ask for you to enter a unique username, and your Email address. Remember to tick the ‘not a robot’ checkbox, then click ‘register’.

The second screen looks like an ordinary login page, but look closely at the first line of text. It says that you have been sent an Email with a link to create your password. If you cannot find the Email, it may be in a spam folder, or still be on its way to you. You must click on the first link in the Email to complete registration, and a new page pops up with a password box. It suggests a very secure password. You can overwrite it with anything you like (please ensure it is a bit complex, with at least lower and upper case letters and a number or two).

You can then log in. If you make a mistake 3 times, you will be locked out for a couple of hours. If this happens 3 times within a month, you will be permanently locked out. You then need to contact the webmaster via the contact form on this site, to release the lock. I will happily reset any short-term lockouts if I see your message (use the contact form).

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