National Family History Month starts Saturday

30 July 2020 | By jansquire | Filed in: Uncategorised.

National Family History Month (NFHM) begins in just over 24 hours. We now have more than 80 events listed for you to choose from, most of them on-line. It is worth a look at We encourage you to try at least a couple, especially if you are new to genealogy or to the technology of these events.

Our first feature event is the Opening Ceremony on Saturday afternoon or evening, depending on where you live. Bookings close 24 hours before the event, and we will Email the link to access the Webinar a few hours beforehand. Our webmaster will monitor our NFHM website Contact Form if you have any difficulty connecting, or don’t get the Email. Just message/’contact form’ me.

We will have some info about NFHM,  and conduct a draw for a few door prizes. The main speaker will be Dr Rory Sweetman of Auckland, New Zealand. His topic is ‘Defending Trinity College, Dublin’, and he tells us about the involvement of ANZACS in this little known aspect of the Easter Uprising of 1916, in Dublin. He will also promote his book for those who might be interested to learn more. There will be time for questions via the on-screen chat panel. We hope you will join us on Saturday. More information here – .


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