Meetings, Events and Corona Virus

8 April 2020 | By Jan Squire | Filed in: Uncategorised.

Important Information from the AFFHO Council – March 2020:
In the interest of everyone’s personal safety, we strongly advise member organisations not to hold physical meetings at present, for whatever reason. But we do encourage you to use email and/or telephone to maintain close, regular contact with both family and society friends. Should you be feeling particularly adventurous, why not start using Google Hangouts, Skype, Webex or Zoom for the same purpose? All provide their basic services for free and are far easier to use than you might imagine. Self-isolation can be very lonely and a friendly face ‘on screen’ could prove most uplifting! One thing is most certain – no family historian should ever be lacking in things to do! We suddenly and unexpectedly have a wonderful opportunity to complete those all-important research documentation tasks we never previously had time for. Need a break? There are also life histories to be written, experiences to share, books to read, computer and/or research skills to enhance. We will get back to ‘normal’, and we are still planning for National Family History Month in August. We are monitoring health conditions closely.

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