News 1 - Apologies for this site being disabled for a few days from 19 May 2022. We had suspicious activity on the site, and I was in Central Australia with poor internet connections, and unable to do much at the time. We think we have found and removed the unauthorised access point.

News 2 - We have had to completely re-install this site due to it being accessed inappropriately in December 2021, by unknown agents. We also chose not to copy over previous registered users, because around 75% of them were 'spammers'. We apologise that you will need to re-register before adding an event.

National Family History Month - August 2022

NFHM is an initiative of the Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations (AFFHO). Updated for 2022.

This popular initiative has received broad support from some of Australia’s leading government and non government organisations since its introduction in 2006. Originally only the first week in August, NFHM increased to include the whole month of August in 2013 to allow greater participation across Australia and New Zealand. NFHM is on again in 2022, although probably we will still be affected by Covid-19. Libraries and all history/genealogy groups are encouraged to hold events as their circumstances allow during August, and we expect some will choose be held on-line. The opening and closing ceremonies will be scheduled in the coming months.  

Events can now be registered here for August 2022, and organisations are encouraged to think about what they might like to host, either on-line or in person. For 2022, we have a new NFHM co-ordinator in Alex Daw. She will be posting regularly on Facebook and in a new blog on this site, so watch for these soon. We will have an opening and a closing ceremony with a speaker and prizes, so plan for these - more info here as it is locked in. Our wonderful 2022 sponsors are an essential part of our ability to sponsor NFHM, so check the sponsor page for the latest information. We usually have prize draws during August as well, so watch for these as prizes are confirmed.

This website allows for organisations to post their events here, (see the menu item 'Add New Events'), and we promote August as National Family History Month throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our Facebook page is the place to go for the latest news and information. See https://www.facebook.com/FamilyHistoryMonthAU

Opening and Closing Ceremonies August 2022

With the Australasia Genealogy Congress being held on Norfolk Island in the first week of August, the opening ceremony will be held there. We hope to broadcast the event by Zoom, but not sure yet whether the internet will cope. We hope to add it to this website soon after. The opening speaker will be Professor Behrendt, a keynote speaker at the Congress.

The closing event speaker will be Catherine Warr. We will provide more details and times as we finalise them.

AFFHO is the umbrella organisation for family history and genealogy societies in Australia and New Zealand. It was established in 1978 to coordinate and assist the work of Australian and New Zealand groups with interests in family history, genealogy, heraldry and related subjects.

AFFHO is managed by an elected Council comprising of a voting member from each state and territory in Australia, and from New Zealand. Councillors are elected annually by the member societies within their region. The Council also comprises non-voting delegates from those states that have a state association. Currently these are New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and Victoria.