Add a New Event Guidance

10 April 2020 | By Jan Squire | Filed in: Uncategorised.

Anyone can add a new event. First you must register and/or login. Note that none of the previous user logins were transferred from the previous site (sorry, but there were too many bogus registered users).

Go to the menu item ‘add new events’, and click ‘new’. Enter the when, where, why information in the event form. It is helpful to provide as much detail as possible. Remember to click the ‘submit event’ button at the bottom of the page.

To avoid spam events appearing, a moderator needs to approve the event before it appears on our website. Any comments made need the commenter to be logged in, and will also be moderated before appearing on the website. Events will normally be approved within 24 hours.

You are encouraged to include your events being held during the month of August, but any appropriate events are allowed in other months.

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